Welcome to DianaMoon, MediaPunker! If you’ll allow me to quote my About Page:

MediaPunker. Someone rocking the boat on the norms of various media: comic books, games, movies, and more.

This MediaPunker is most commonly known as DianaMoon. She has various other aliases when needed but will always answer to Diana or Di. Born, raised, and has lived all 32 years of her life in good ole San Francisco, though she does like to travel be it via modern transportation or magically into the world of stories.

I’m hoping to have here some regular reviews of various media, previews too and some ‘think pieces’ about the state of media or how certain movements have been impacting our entertainment. It’s great to not just enjoy a piece of entertainment, but also critique it. Seriously, the best and most passionate fans are the ones who have dissected it inside and out.

I’ve also set up a YouTube channel, which the videos you can currently see both above and to the side. It won’t necessarily just be another gaming/let’s play channel, but for now the focus will be that. I do hope to promote some physical games, like board games and card ones, along with the occasional ‘unboxing’ of geeky swag.

Coming soon will also be a tumblr version of this site that’ll be a little more on the fun side of fandom, but I will post relevant digests here weekly.

Coming even sooner, will be a few more Let’s Plays videos, and a few article reviews/previews of movies and shows in the following days.

Feel free to leave a comment or tweet me any questions or comments, and thank you very much for visiting!


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