Read Only Memories 01

{Let’s Jack In!}{Read Only Memories 01//??}

From my YT description: Holas everybody & welcome back to DianaMoon, MediaPunker! I’m so excited to finally play this game with you all! I was lucky enough to receive a copy by the devs a few weeks ago, but had been having some recording issues.

So because of that y’all get a deluxe episode~ =D If you don’t know about this game, it’s created by MidBoss, and is a CyberPunk adventure game in the style of the 80s/90s cyberpunk genre. Set in future San Francisco, this how the developers envision it to be, not quite dystopic and not quite Roddenberry-esque. You start off as a journalist in search of a missing friend, but you don’t know how deep the rabbit hole goes. ;D

What really stands out from this game, besides the fantastic soundtrack and visuals and story play so far, is that it’s very inclusive. You can choose your own gender identity, and there’s be various characters of different ethnicities, identities, and even body types!

Want to learn more?

Game Site:
Buy it at:


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