MediaPunker. Someone rocking the boat on the norms of various media: comic books, games, movies, and more.

This MediaPunker is most commonly known as DianaMoon. She has various other aliases when needed but will always answer to Diana or Di. Born, raised, and has lived all 33 years of her life in good ole San Francisco, though she does like to travel be it via modern transportation or magically into the world of stories.

Still trying to find her way in the world, she’s currently working on her first novel (Steampunk). Ever since she learned how to read and write she has been doing just that. And just as young she’s been gamer (Commodore 64 anyone?) and fan of genre shows and movies.

Her goal is to share her love of all things pop culture, and critique what’s out there so that there can be better entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

What to Expect:

  • Movie & TV Reviews (of various genres)
    Some may be movies recently out in theaters, or old favorites; current seasons of shows or binge watching from Netflix.
  • Game Reviews & Previews
    From table top to card, to PC games, you’ll get a good variety of reviews and news.
  • Kickstarter Shout Outs
    Be it ones I can afford to back or not, I want to showcase the awesome Kickstarter projects out there!
  • News or Commentary of Related Works
    Books to Movies, Movie Novelizations, Books to Games or TV, Book Trailers, or discussions going ’round the web.
  • Content related to Diversity, Representation, & Feminism in Media
    Because everything is about intersectionality, and how all the above can only make the media we consume even better and richer.


Hopefully in the future, there shall be guest bloggers, author/artist interviews, giveaways, and more!


I do make my own graphics, but I happily use the free resources offered out there.
So thanks to mjranum stock for the awesome cosplay stock photo that’s in my header here.
Various textures used, to be credited soon. If you recognize your texture, feel free to message me and I’ll happily link to your profile!


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