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{March With Pride}{Pridefest}

Found out about this mobile game by Atari from an article on VentureBeat and of course I was immediately intrigued! It seems like a fun social game that celebrates Pride, and well has lots of potential. This is a long playthrough as I figure it’ll be a oneshot. But I’ll happily record more if people want to see more! Hope y’all enjoy!

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{Fighting Evil by Moonlight!}{Sailor Moon Drops Mobile}

In which I talk a bit about my Sailor Moon obsession & play a Japanese mobile gem swap game on the computer! Totes hacker right? Haha!

This game is available both on Android & iOS (and they came out same time instead of making us Android users wait lol). Unfortunately it is region locked. So if you have an iOS, you just need to get someone to make a Japanese iTunes account. For Android users, you need to install the special QooApp first. Also, it’s completely in Japanese, but feel free to ask questions to me. Have fun! And if you want to friend me, my phone’s account name is: dca593c

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