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{Temple Run!}{Indivisible Demo}

Sadly, there was an audio error when I recorded, so there’s a bit of an echo going on, hopefully still watchable for you guys. This is a fun action side scroller!

Play the demo on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/421830/
For other versions, their campaign has links for Mac, Linux, and consoles!


{Star Trekkin’ Across the Universe! }{Orion Trail Preview}

Holas & welcome back to DianaMoon, MediaPunker! Today we’re playing a pretty fun and quirky game that’s in Early Access on Steam. Similar to to Oregon Trail, you play a Captain, of your own choosing, picking a crew to trek across the Universe. I did back this one on KickStarter, and am so glad I did! I’ll probably make another one when it’s fully done so we can follow one crew’s journey.

Official Website: http://oriontrail.schellgames.com/
Game on Early Access Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/381260/

One Final Breath Demo Let’s Play

In my second video, I talk quickly about my love of the Horror genre and play through another Kickstarter demo, One Final Breath. And even get a little jumpy, haha!

To find out more about One Final Breath, check out their Kickstarter (which has 4 days left as of posting).

“DianaMoon, MediaPunker” YouTube Channel Intro & Tsioque Play Through

Holas & Welcome to DianaMoon, MediaPunker! In this video, I do a quick intro of my channel and my very first let’s play! You may need to lower the volume a bit, didn’t realize how well my mic picked up my voice!

To find out more about Tsioque, please check out their Kickstarter!